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Basque pairings and traditions with Ales, a local sommelier. Next to the Biscay Bridge, UNESCO World Heritage Site, and in the shelter of a family txoko, he will share with you and your guests the uniqueness of our Basque white wine: txakoli.



Ales welcomes you next to the Biscay bridge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the sea entrance to Bilbao. He will share with you the history and stories of the town and our wines, until you reach the txoko, a unique meeting place in the Basque Country, where we can cook, enjoy wine and share special moments. Only Ales family has access to this particular txoko.

You will learn about the uniqueness and origin of txakoli: the Basque white wine par excellence. A young wine, the result of vines that grow on hillsides next to the sea, and benefit from the humidity of the soil, the salinity of the sea and the sun. You will understand the differences between the variety of Basque designations of origin, while he opens a bottle and tells you about food and wine pairings. And of course, gives you some recommendations for its enjoyment.

He will share with you the traditions around the txokos, the importance they had and still have in our gastronomy. In this case, only the family has access to this txoko, so just visiting it becomes a unique experience.

Once inside, he will tell you about its history (intimately linked to the history of Portugalete and its famous txakolinerías that filled the streets until the beginning of the 20th century).

We will "settle in" while he opens a bottle of wine, talk about the uniqueness of txakolis, pairings, and give you recommendations for buying and enjoying our great wines. 


Contact us if you have questions at or using the chat window.


TXAKOLI - “The White” from the Basque Vineyards, Biscay

  • 360€ (Price in USD)

    Up to 30 participants. For larger groups, please contact us at

    Taxes not included


    Language: English | Spanish

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