Meet our hosts

In the end it is always the people, with those little details and their passion,  that make the difference and make you fall in love with a destination, enjoy learning or discover a new hobby.
That's how our hosts are, people who are proud and eager to share their places, traditions, skills, knowledge and history with you.
Would you like to meet them?
Image by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos


Ainara Iturregui-Yolovivo.jpeg

Ainara Iturregui


Hi, I'm Ainara! I have a lifelong passion for the world of energy, in all its levels! I am a master of the Jikiden Reiki school in Japan, a Qigong instructor and I have studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and zonal acupuncture. 
I teach Chi Kung classes in nature, enjoying the benefits it brings us.

Giovanna di Cataldo-Yolovivo.png

Giovanna di Cataldo


My name is Giovanna, I am 44 years old, I have 3 children, my job as a tour guide and my family are the oxygen of my life and I love them to death.

Diana Irazabal-Yolovivo.jpeg

Diana Irazabal


Hi, I'm Diana and I'm passionate about life! I love travelling and art in general! I work as a guide and also as a theatre actress. I love discovering new people and places, enjoying gastronomy and heritage, especially the natural one!


Jordi Fané


An impenitent traveller, passionate about different cultures, opera lover and above all a restaurateur by vocation and by trade. Jordi is of course a gourmet and quality is always guaranteed in his restaurants. Where, by the way, rice is the main protagonist.


Viola and Maria


I am Viola, half Italian half American. I am passionate for cooking so very happy to learn from nonna Maria the secrets of the Bolognese cuisine.


Maite Audet


Maite is a lecturer, professor, events expert and guide, but above all she is a Barcelonian. Fluent in 4 languages and with a deep knowledge of her beloved city.


Ana Intxausti


I'm Ana from San Sebastian. Since I was a child, what I have liked most has been traveling.
I studied art history, which opened my curiosity to many fields and allowed me to understand how urbanism has shaped society.
It is clear: I did not choose to work as a guide. It was work that chose me.


Ales Rueda


I am Ales Rueda, private sommelier and personal wine shopper. And so passionate about the world of wine and its culture that I dedicate myself to telling the stories that are enclosed in a bottle through a landscape, a territory and, above all, the people behind it.


Iranzu Arginzoniz


Iranzu was born in Gernika, a city with a great historical significance for the Basques, in a family in a family of architects and pharmacists, as she is. But the attraction she felt for the Pelota and Jai Alai sport made her dedicate her entire passion to share this sport with the world.

Image by Florencia Potter

Andrea Murillo


Winemaker. First woman in the 6th generation of the winery. Expert in wine marketing and export and part of the family of the Murillo Viteri winery in Cenicero, La Rioja.


Martin Muro


My name is Martin Muro and I have been a graphic designer for 20 years, specializing in Branding and Web and I offer these services to companies and professionals, as well as illustration services.
I collaborate with clients and companies all over Spain, France and England. Would you like to give life to your own drawings?


Miren Lauzirika


I'm Miren, passionate about contemporary art. What do I do? I am a Creativity Consultant: I help people to think with methodologies that awaken creativity. Because for me, working is also creating. And I have discovered that art is also a powerful tool for group creative consultancy.


Bárbara, Reina de la Pantaloneta


Rubén is Bárbara. Friendly, daring, funny and very Riojan. A TV presenter, s/he does drama performances all over La Rioja and is pure solidarity at heart.


Chiara Falsaperla


A Sicilian guide and storyteller with a passion and a suitcase always at the ready. Mother of three little explorers and wife of a helicopter pilot with a passion for the sea!

Giulia Musumeci_Yoga & Mindfulness_host.jpeg

Giulia Musumeci


I am Giulia, I am 42 years old, I live in Bologna and I am a Yoga instructor, specialised in yin yoga and yoga nidra, a teacher of postural gymnastics and an instructor and teacher of biodynamic Mindfulness. I practice both in presence and online. I have a background in theatre, social and cultural cooperation projects. I am taking a second degree in clinical psychology.

Jungle Mountain View


Adrian Sabogal 1.jpeg

Adrián Sabogal


I was born in Cali Colombia. I am a passionate musician and have had the great honor of learning from many great Afro-Colombian minstrels of the Pacific. Although I have been exploring the music of the Pacific Coast for more than 15 years, I consider myself an eternal learner. I am passionate about creative processes and pedagogical development.

Andrea Flores-Yolovivo_edited.jpg

Andrea Florez


I am Colombian, passionate about fruits and Latin American culture. In recent years I have dedicated myself to studying fruits, experimenting with them and learning about all the benefits they bring us.Having had the opportunity to live in other countries has led me to appreciate the fruit and floral diversity that we have in Latin America.


Elsa Quiro


I am Elsa Quiroz, mother, grandmother, entrepreneur, artisan educator, but most importantly proudly Wounaan. I have been learning the art of weaving using natural resources since I was 12 years old. More than 30 years in this enterprise that allows me to support my family. We live in Campo Laurel and with my handicrafts I have won several international awards.

Isis Castro_Honduras.jpeg

Isis Castro


I am Isis, Honduran, with 16 years of experience in the tourism sector. As an expert in tourism and development projects for NGOs, I have collaborated with international tourism organisations. Travel promoter for specialised market segments including bird watching, coffee tours and visits to cocoa farms.

Leandro Galindo-Yolovivo.png

Leandro Galindo


I am a Colombian taster and barista, passionate about coffee, the third generation of coffee producers in my family. 
For 20 years I grew coffee in the department of Huila, considered the main coffee producer in Colombia. I know coffee from the plant in all its processes until I serve an exquisite cup.


Leticia García


I am proudly Garifuna Honduran from the coasts. I am a leader in the community where we organize ourselves to market our products such as cassava. For years we have been handcrafting these cassava products and we are in charge of selling them to support the family's livelihood.

HST JAVIER PIMENTEL-Yolovivo.Experiences.jpeg

Javier Pimentel


I am Javier, almost all my professional life has been dedicated to customer service. From my beginnings as a bellboy in a 5 star hotel to discovering in 1989 the meaning of being a guide, to show the goodness of my country. My free time is dedicated to sports for children in at-risk areas through my foundation. My daily goal is to show the best of Panama, from its music to its food and culture, a melting pot of races.


Sandra Soto


I am a designer and communicologist specialized in visual communication. I live in Mexico City. I work in festival production and product photography; I have an entrepreneurial project specialising in making handmade notebooks with different materials and techniques.

Yolovivo-Alejandro Vera 1.jpeg

Alejandro Vera


My name is Alejandro Vera, I specialize in institutional communication in areas dedicated to the promotion of arts and culture and their digital communication channels.
I enjoy the diverse cultural exhibitions, traveling and delving into the customs of the populations and the study of their culture, which allows us to get to know them from the core and admire their authenticity.

HST CARLOS BETHANCOURT-yolovivo-experience.png

Carlos Bethancourt


Carlos was and raised in the small village of Huile. There, he learned many lessons of nature from his mother and grandmother, both of whom were deeply connected to nature and involved with conservation.
He has attended numerous birding conferences in the US and Great Britain, where he led tours, workshops and presented programs on Panama’s birds.


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Manami Watanabe


I am a professional origami instructor from Tokyo. I started learning origami from my mother when I was 3 years old. Origami and Japanese culture are my passion and I love to teach the skills and the values of each piece I make. Always looking for new techniques and stories behind origami art.

Leslie Rachet-Yolovivo.jpeg

Lesley Rochat


I love the ocean and sharks! I'm an award-winning conservationist, best known as the Shark Warrior because of my passionate efforts in shark conservation. Because I wanted to help save the oceans I founded a nonprofit organization, AfriOceans, which focuses on ocean conservation.

HST ALBERTO OVIN-Yolovivo-Experience.jpeg

Alberto Ovin


I am the official guide of Israel. Argentine of origin and live in a kibbutz.