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Get ready to discover the history, secrets and legends of Toledo: Our hostess, Pilar, will take us through its historic centre, to show us places and vestiges, which will tell us about the cultures and religions that have coexisted in Toledo over the centuries. From the panoramic view of the city, we will delve into the most secret Toledo and its more than 100 legends, such as the Caves of Hercules, the remains of the Roman Baths, the House of the Jew Isaac, who acquired Queen Isabella's jewels to finance Christopher Columbus' expedition, or the recent discovery of the mysterious well of El Salvador next to the Mosque.


A historic centre recognised as a Unesco World Heritage Site of what was once the religious capital of the Kingdom.


And then, there are the many curiosities of the city that Pilar will also tell us along the way, such as the fact that "the fat one of the Cathedral" is one of the biggest bells in Christianity, or that there has been an underground city since medieval times, or why it is not possible to bath in the Tagus. A cultural class, while we walk through the centuries of history in the streets of Toledo.


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Toledo: Melting pot of religions and cultures

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