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We go with Diana to get to know Getxo, a beautiful place in the heart of the Bay of Bizkaia, a few km from Bilbao, a modern city that has managed to reinvent itself and become an international reference.


We start at the foot of the Bizkaia Bridge, UNESCO World Heritage Site. Would you dare to climb with Diana to a height of 45 m? You will have to if you want to enjoy the views over Getxo, the estuary and the bay. On the way back to the land, we cycle along beautiful villas, until we reach a small beach.


You will almost feel the fine sand as you listen to the waves and the tinkling of the sailboats in the marina. You will get to know some Basque traditions such as rowing and probably meet some of the fishermen who come to the sea every day. 


A visit to discover the interesting surroundings of the Bizkaia Bridge, and how daily life is, in a place where seafaring traditions and the stories of stately homes coexist in perfect harmony.


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There is something special at the Biscay Bay

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