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Venice, 29 March 1516. The Senate resolved to establish an urban area in which the Jewish population was to reside from then on. To be precise, it is an insula, surrounded by water, whose access is closed at sunset by heavy gates. Throughout the night, the cattaphers, a sort of patrol paid for by the Jews themselves, circumnavigate the insula, watching over the imprisoned population. Because imprisonment is what it is all about. But at the same time, it is also about protection.


How is it possible that this cosmopolitan city par excellence gave birth to the word - and the concept - of ghetto? And what are the implications of a relationship that is constantly torn between protection and segregation?


We will cross with Giovanna the Ghetto vecchio, novo and novissimo in search of many of those traces that recall the special relationship throughout history with the Jewish community: intense and controversial.


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The judish Ghetto in Venice

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