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The Moon Valley is located in the southern part of the city of La Paz, capital of Bolivia, about 40 minutes from the city centre. It has an approximate extension of 44.2 hectares. Its name is due to the geological formations that make up its natural environment, as they resemble a lunar desert landscape. And it was none other as Neil Armstrong himself, who christened it this way after going to play golf nearby. If the first man to set foot on the moon says that this desert resembled the moon, it was decided.



It is a natural attraction of great beauty, whose main authors are water and wind that, through their erosive effects on the terrain, created whimsical cone formations and craters; a desert of stalagmites. There are two trails that lead to the heart of the valley, from which you can enjoy beautiful views of the site and its surroundings. You can also observe Andean fauna and flora of the region.


Geological detail: These formations belong to Neogene deposits of the Quaternary period.

Flora and fauna: Variety of cactus genus Viscachas.

Curiosities: Clay sculptures of Andean characters, Andean music.

Sustainability of the environment: Conservation of the city hall. Low risks

Visual design: The valley covers large hectares and takes several hours to visit but we will concentrate on one part of the valley.


And you don't need to be an astronaut to visit it with us.


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Take me to the Moon… Valley - Bolivia

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