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We're going on a pintxo tour of San Sebastian's Old Town! You may not be familiar with Basque culture but we like to be great hosts. So what could be a better way to show you the city and our culture through a gastronomic tour?


We'll start at the market, where prestigious chefs and the locals themselves come in search of local products from orchards, valleys and ports, to offer delicious dishes in their restaurants or in their homes.


From there we will continue along its cobbled streets to its Pintxos bars: miniature bites of traditional dishes on some occasions, fusion of flavours and textures of the great creative cuisine on others. If all this happens in a place, considered one of the Meccas of gastronomy, where food is almost a religion and is understood as a way of life, the experience is guaranteed. Are you joining us for pintxos?


Contact us if you have questions at or using the chat window.


San Sebastian, Gastronomic Mecca

  • 250€ (Price in USD)

    For the connection of 2 classrooms. For other needs, please contact us

    Taxes not included

    Language: English | Spanish


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