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An experience about female rural empowerment, from the heart of Honduras.Leticia, an indigenous Garifuna and entrepreneur, will show you her business based on her local ancestral gastronomy, the cassava.


The Garifuna ethnic group, also known as Afro-Caribbeans, have maintained their customs, music, traditions and ancestral gastronomy.
From the heart of Honduras, your host Leticia offers you a significant sample of their gastronomy by preparing casabe, a thin and crunchy cake made from cassava flour. A way of life.

You will learn about the method of elaboration from the cassava tuber to the production of the cassava. But it all goes beyond that, as Leticia is an enterprising woman who has managed to commercialize this artisanal product... and she does it to an Afro-Caribbean rhythm, of course.


Contact us if you have questions at or using the chat window.


Rural Entrepreneurship in Honduras

  • 360€ (Price in USD)

    Up to 30 participants. For larger groups, please contact us at

    Taxes not included


    Language: Spanish

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