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  Live   ·   Interactive   ·   1 hour   ·   Via Zoom  


A 1h session designed to make a break in your day, learn to listen to your body and achieve your wellbeing, becoming a self-therapist.


You will learn Qigong exercises, self-massage and meditation techniques with which you will be able to relax your neck, release tension, free your mind, reduce anxiety and fears, strengthen your spine, rest your eyes and recover your energy, becoming aware of your body and emotions. Living in the present moment. To start the day in a balanced way, to make a break or to regain strength after a long day. By good weather, Ainara will give you all the indications from natural settings to bring you the energy of the sea and the cliffs of Biscay.


Contact us if you have questions before purchasing at or using the chat window.

Reiki & Chi Kung At Magnetic Natural Places

  • 225€  (≃ $255)

    Up to 5 devices

    Languages: English | Spanish


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