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A place with streets of intense colors, a mixture of architectures and styles, myths and history, artists, chefs, friendly people, close to a volcano and a World Heritage Site. Alejandro is waiting for you to discover one of the COOLEST cities in Mexico, in just 1h.


Puebla is also a perfect crossroads, and a great and wise host between the great port of Mexico, Veracruz, and the capital, Mexico. The stop, rest and connect point. It is possibly a great coincidence that the area was named "Cuetlaxcoapan" in Nahuatl, i.e. the place where the snakes change their skin.


Founded around 1500, Puebla is the gastronomic cradle of Mexico, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, an example of baroque and colonial architecture and a cultural and artistic beacon for its past and its enormous present. It also gave them time to forge several crucial events in the history of the country and to have its own hymn-song, "How cool is Puebla", which defines it a little. And it is also a city of welcome, of artists, artisans and musicians.


A lively, dynamic and apparently very heroic city. Dynamic? It changed its name in 2014! Heroic? It was renamed "Cuatro Veces Heroica Ciudad de Puebla de Zaragoza" (Four Times Heroic City of Puebla de Zaragoza).


A live tour of Puebla with our host Alejandro will give you an insight into its way of being and its history.


Contact us if you have questions at or using the chat window.


Puebla - Unesco World Heritage Site in Mexico

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