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  Live   ·   Interactive   ·   1 hour   ·   Via Zoom  


Experience live with Giovanna a taste of the daily life of an authentic Venetian on the streets without cars, in a gondola, and even shopping at the Rialto market.


Living in Venice is unique, for better and for worse. It is a city trapped in time, full of bridges and canals, but without cars. A city of water, light, art and tides.

Connect live to move on foot through its streets and go shopping in a gondola to the Rialto market, where you will find fresh fish, local fruits and vegetables. Or would you prefer to know Venice from a gondola? Or would you like to observe the palaces and know the places frequented by characters like Galileo-Galilei, Marco Polo or Vivaldi?

On the way, Giovanna may meet a friend to share an aperol spritz with.

Depending on the season, you can choose to visit one of the major events held in the city, such as the Carnival, the International Film Festival or one of the most traditional festivals. Get to know Venice from inside.


Contact us if you have questions before purchasing at or using the chat window.

One Hour Like A Real Venetian

  • 130€  (≃ $147)

    Up to 5 devices

    Languages: English | Italian


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