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  Live   ·   Interactive   ·   1 hour   ·   Via Zoom  


Live a wine tasting to discover the wine through senses, highlighting the nose. Learn how to choose the best wine from the heart of a prestigious cellar in La Rioja.


Andrea Murillo is the first woman and the sixth generation of the prestigious Murillo Viteri winery in Cenicero, in the heart of La Rioja. You can follow a tasting with her from the winery itself to discover the wine through the senses. She will help you to connect with the aromas of citrus, cereal, sweet, bitter, licorice... and to interpret the information on a label. Experience this initiation tasting with her!


Contact us if you have questions before purchasing at or using the chat window.

Nose of the Wine. For Beginners

  • 60€  (≃ $68)

    Up to 5 devices

    Language: Spanish


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