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  Live   ·   Interactive   ·   1 hour   ·   Via Zoom  


Origami is an ancient Japanese art and also a craft. With Manami-san you will learn about this art and also how to fold paper until you get a Samurai Helmet or a Lotus Flower.


Manami-San will introduce you to the world of Origami. This ancient Japanese art is more alive than ever.
The activity of folding square paper is unique among children and young people in Japan, especially during Children's Day.
By following her instructions from home, you will be able to get some of the typical Japanese figures; from Samurai Helmets to Lotus Flowers.
And during the conversation with Manami-San, you will also learn about origami: its origins, benefits and how to turn it into great fun.


Contact us if you have questions before purchasing at or using the chat window.

More than Origami

  • 110€  (≃ $124)

    Up to 5 devices

    Language: English


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