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As by all great “discoveries”, the origin of marzipan is disputed, because marzipan dates back to the tales of the Arabian Nights, but in addition to the Arabs, also the Sicilians, the Greeks and the Jews claim its authorship. In Toledo, since the Middle Ages, it has represented a sign of the good coexistence between Muslims, Jews and Christians. Did you know that Spain is the largest exporter of marzipan in the world?


We will join Pilar to visit the workshop of a master confectioner and find out more about the history and preparation of this sweet with Toledo's designation of origin.


It is said that marzipan was born out of necessity: the huge army concentrated in the area to prepare for what was to be the Battle of Navas de Tolosa undermined cereal supplies. But it seems that the production of almond trees and sugar cane was not affected. And it was from the mixture of almonds and sugar, with raw, peeled and ground almonds mixed with sugar that the delicious paste, marzipan, was made. This is how they fought hunger.


Let's follow the instructions of the master confectioner carefully so that we can shape our own marzipan next Christmas. What shape would you give it?


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Marzipan workshop in Toledo, Spain

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    Language: English | Spanish

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