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  Live   ·   Interactive    ·  1 hour   ·   Via Zoom


Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city where creativity, tradition and integration converge to forge its personality.We will experience live -with a passionate and expert local guide- a tour that will show us aspects, curiosities, stories and secrets that show its peculiarity. All this while we cross the city walls, those that were demolished, those that exist and those that are not made of stone.


Cosmopolitan cities are open to other cultures, other points of view, they drink from them, take them on board and integrate them in such a way that they forge their own personality.
Absorbing ideas, seasoning them with creativity and keeping an eye on tradition is a recipe for success. Barcelona is one of the best examples of this.

On a tour of the city's historic centre, we will jump from Roman times to Marilyn Monroe, from Gaudí to Miró, from George Orwell to tax evasion, from Cervantes (the one who qualified Barcelona as 'archive of courtesy') to Picasso, stories and curiosities that our host will tell us as we break through the almost extinct city walls.

All this to end up with a huge kiss that, curiously, women tend to capture before men.

Contact us if you have questions at or using the chat window.


Walking down the Ramblas in Barcelona

  • 360€ (Price in USD)

    Up to 30 participants. For larger groups, please contact us at

    Taxes not included


    Language: English | Spanish

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