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  Live   ·   Interactive    ·  1 hour   ·   Via Zoom


Create your own travel notebook with Martin's help, filling it with moments, places and memories. Just follow some simple instructions on lines, shadows and perspectives, before drawing some special places in Bilbao surrounded by mountains, water and titanium.


Sometimes a white paper can be a great challenge. And if we also talk about drawing, we will surely hear voices saying "I'm not good at that". But in the end, it's just a matter of being willing to open your mind and let yourself go.

Following some simple instructions from Martin, designer, draughtsman and magician of lines, you will learn in a practical way how to create drawings that not only come to life, but also offer a perspective, show depth and all those details that the eye and perception are capable of capturing.

From now on, a blank sheet of paper will become an inspiration to capture favourite moments or places in everyday life or on any journey. Start yours in the heart of Bilbao.



Contact us if you have questions at or using the chat window.


Drawing Live - Sketchers from Bilbao

  • 360€ (Price in USD)

    Up to 30 participants. For larger groups, please contact us at

    Taxes not included


    Language: English | Spanish

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