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Rhythm, percussion, colours. Samba was brought to Brazil by African slaves and has its origins in their ritual dances. Its vibrant rhythm and movements made it one of the most representative elements of Brazilian culture. It was only a matter of time, thanks to the colourful and exciting Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, that this exciting dance spread to Europe.


With Tatiane, our host in Rio, we will discover the history of Rio's Carnival, visit one of its Samba schools and learn how to follow the rhythm and accompany it with movement (or at least we will try to). So let's get our hips and feet loose and enjoy the rhythm of the music!


Contact us if you have questions at or using the chat window.


Dancing samba in Rio de Janeiro

  • 250€ (Price in USD)

    For the connection of 2 classrooms. For other needs, please contact us at
    Taxes not included

    Language: English | Spanish | Italian | Portuguese

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