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Enter the kitchen of Maria, an Italian 'nonna', in the heart of Bologna, who will show you how to make the best pasta, live, and with the possibility of learning about the origin of her recipes. A luxury within the reach of few.


Pasta is a universal Italian product, but we get into the essence of its tradition: the kitchen of an Italian 'nonna' in the heart of Bologna.

She will guide you live through all the steps of its preparation, so that you can succeed in front of your guests with authentic recipes; not those found on the internet, but those printed on paper yellowed by the course of time and with the certificate of quality and authenticity offered by the local institutions of the time.

Tortellini, lasagna, passatelli, tagliatelle, bolognese sauce... with ingredients and tips from 'nonna', such as having a selection of aromatic plants in the kitchen window, with views over Bologna, a city called 'la dotta, la grossa e la rossa': la docta (learned) for its ancient university, la gorda (fat) for its gastronomic tradition and la rossa (red) for the colour that predominates on the facades.

For once, we turned to see the origin of the product and to see -and taste - the reasons for its success. A real live, local experience with Maria, who will answer all your questions.


Contact us if you have questions at or using the chat window.


Cooking Italian Pasta with nonna Maria, Bologna

  • 375€ (Price in USD)

    Up to 30 participants. For larger groups, please contact us at

    Taxes not included

    Language: English | Italian

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