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  Live   ·   Interactive    ·  1 hour   ·   Via Zoom


A good base and a good coordination of elements is the secret of a good paella and also of a business or a relationship, for example. We will combine the good base and the ingredients with the help of an expert in rice dishes in his restaurant in Barcelona, at the seafront.



The saying "rice with things is not paella" has become well known. And so it is, the combination of ingredients, of elements, at the right point, results in the dish, the product or even the successful company. We will check it with the team who prepare some of the best rice dishes in Barcelona, where the owner of the restaurant, Jordi, a “dream” host, will show you this successful combination, live.


Both in its artisan side, preparing a homemade paella, and in its high production side where, with artisan methods, he manages to maintain the same great quality even for big groups. And all this, keeping an eye on the sea and an ear on the sound of the Mediterranean.


*We will send you the list of ingredients to prepare the paella live with Jordi.


Contact us if you have questions at or using the chat window.


Cooking a Real Paella, Barcelona

  • 450€ (Price in USD)

    up to 30 participants. For larger groups, please contact us at
    Taxes not included

    Language: English | Spanish

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