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The Panama Canal links two oceans and separates a continent. It is a story of land and air bridges. And originally, a risky marketing strategy. You will experience it live from the Canal itself.


This is one of the most colossal constructions in the world, a huge engineering feat that connects two oceans.
And by connecting oceans, it separates the continent, making the land bridges as important as the water one.
The story of the Panama Canal was originally a competitive marketing strategy of the first order, given the fact that Panama was competing with Nicaragua for the planning of the canal, always with external financing and investors who had to be convinced; volcanoes, earthquakes, resistant arches, manpower, climate and other elements came into play until it was decided that the canal would pass through Panama.
And since then, it has become the image of the country and also the major economic driving force that even today, thanks to the passage fees, maintains a large part of Panama´s budget.
And also the spectacular bridges, the locks, the locomotives pulling the ships and of course many stories, anecdotes and curiosities, such as the Panama hat.
You will experience it live, of course, from the canal itself.


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Connecting two oceans, the Panama Channel

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