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We have all studied the discovery of America at one time or another, but where did Christopher Columbus set foot on his 4th voyage to the New World? It was here, on the coast of Panama.


On a tour through the historic centre of Panama we will relive with our host the arrival of the Spaniards and learn about the history of the pirate Morgan and the independence plans of Simon Bolivar.

Along the way we will admire the different colonial architectures and key places in the history of the country, which was shaped by Spanish, French and American influences.


Panama, although it had no gold, was a key point on the overland trade route between ancient Peru and Mexico to transport Inca treasures. And, today, it is still the engine of world trade, connecting two oceans. An impressive history.


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C. Columbus and Panama

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    For the connection of 2 classrooms.

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    Language: English | Spanish

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