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Nonna Maria' would like to share with you her traditional recipes for tortellini, lasagne, tagliatelle, passatelli, sugo alla bolognese.... live from her kitchen, including all her tips and tricks!


The tradition and quality of Italian pasta, as well as its worldwide success, is undeniable. But all that success lies in the artisan elaboration, the knowledge transmitted and the choice of ingredients. You can decide if you just want to watch and learn or participate live and direct in the preparation from its most authentic origin: with Maria, an Italian 'nonna' in the kitchen of her home, in the heart of Bologna.

Maria will tell you why there is such a variety of pasta recipes and their preparation tricks, shared in Bologna and all over Italy, from generation to generation.


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Bolognese Cooking Specialities With Grandma Maria

  • 150€  (≃ $170)

    Up to 5 devices

    Language: English | Italian


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