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A useful and more than interesting experience for coffee lovers: how to prepare the best coffee, or identify the best coffee. All the secrets and answers. Live from Colombia.


Leandro is a Colombian coffee expert, raised among coffee plantations and a profound coffee connoisseur.
With Leandro you will learn the difference between an excellent coffee and one of average quality, you will prepare coffee with me in real time and in a fun way we will solve questions such as: What makes Colombian coffee so special, how to prepare an excellent cup of coffee, what are the characteristics of a specialty coffee, how to recognize and buy a good coffee anywhere in the world, among others. He will share his recipe to prepare coffee at home like an expert!

An unforgettable experience for coffee lovers.


Contact us if you have questions before purchasing at or using the chat window.

Colombian Coffee by an expert

  • 135€  (≃ $152)

    Up to 5 devices

    Languages: English | Spanish


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