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"Music is a more powerful instrument than any other form of education, because rhythm and harmony fins their way into the inward places of the soul" -Plato-


A thrilling journey through the sounds, rhythms, singing and instruments of the Afro-Colombian tradition, linked with nature and legends.


Enjoy the sounds of the Marimba music and traditional songs of the Colombian South Pacific, while you learn about the instruments, the rhythms and the supernatural stories that surround these cultural expressions. Music and sound will be the vehicle to connect us with a whole tradition that lies in the jungles and rivers of the Pacific coast of Colombia.

In this experience we will enjoy and learn different traditional rhythms such as the Juga, El Bunde, El Bambuco Viejo, with typical songs that speak to nature, to the daily life of the Pacific, and also to love. There is no need to have previous experience in music to enjoy this cultural journey, so get on board and enjoy!


Contact us if you have questions at or using the chat window.


Afro-Caribbean rhythms and instruments

  • 250€ (Price in USD)

    For the connection of 2 classrooms. For other needs, please contact us at
    Taxes not included

    Language: English | Spanish

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