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-How can you eat crocodile, worms, and snails?

-Well, I was born in Australia to a Mexican father and a Spanish mother.

There is no accounting for taste, and if we add to that the local culture and raw materials available, we find that the diet of different cultures includes products that may be surprising or even abominable to others. We are not only talking about spices and condiments, but we also include animals and plants that would be unthinkable for anyone to digest.

Sharks, for example, have no kidneys and consequently their meat is inedible unless it literally rots. And they eat that in Iceland. And there are common dishes, for example in Spain, such as rabbit, that would be an aberration a few miles away in the UK. Who would eat a domestic animal such as a rabbit? Or a dog! Wait! a dog...

But then there are animals in shapes and forms that do not appeal to the palate and are dishes of the local cuisine: sea cucumbers, barnacles, ants, prawns, worms, caterpillars, snails, frogs.

A whole world of shapes and flavors and we offer you an experience to delve into some of these curiosities.

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