World Traditions Experiences

Image by fer gomez

‘It takes an endless amount of history to make even a little tradition’, a quote by Henry James that reflects the idea of things being passed between generations. And some of these world traditions are certainly awkward.


But with our selected experiences, you will have access to all kind of them and live, from inside, in touch with the locals who inherited those traditions and enjoy them in the best way.


Do you want to live these experiences and meet our hosts? Choose your section and take a look at the proposals that our team of experts has prepared for you.


Art and craft experts showing ancient techniques, world traditions and celebrations, a world of music and dance for those who are just curious as well as for those willing to deepen their knowledge or practice at a high level. From the flamenco in Granada to the handcraft of Wounaan, from the origami technique to the Afro-Colombian music, from the Murano’s glass to the ancient madrigals. And more, and more.


Let your colleagues enjoy a session with group of ‘Castellers’ (human towers) during the coffee break, reward them with a jai alai pelota match, give direct access to the Carnival in Rio or a central Europe Christmas market, offer them the tools to live the Midsummer festivities in Finland or the Chinese New Year, there is always an interesting world tradition any time of the year.


Book an experience for you, your relatives or your group of friends related to world traditions and customs: from the famous ones like Carnival, Easter Week, the ‘Dia de los Muertos or Halloween to less known ones like the Olentzero, the Tió, Lucia in Sweden, Sant Jordi, Mama Negra in Ecuador or Canang San in Balí. There is an endless list.