Travel Around The Globe Experiences

Chica en tren

This is mainly about people and their stories, and also the stories in the destination although, logically, we are not obviating the landmarks. The destinations are endless and with yolovivo we have the opportunity of approaching to them, live.


With our selected experiences and experienced local hosts, you will have access to unknown places and the best known destinations, but with a different perspective. Their own daily life.


Do you want to live these experiences and meet our hosts?Choose your section and take a look at the proposals that our team of experts has prepared for you.


Live connections with locals bringing textbooks into the reality of the world, perhaps strolling through a city or immersing oneself in real lives, practicing a language with natives, visiting a monument or a museum, being with a Chaman and his tribe or with an Egyptologist in Cairo, getting to know other cultures.


Let your colleagues enjoy a route in the city centre during the coffee break, reward them with a live trip to the next destination for the meeting, give direct access to the city where the company headquarters or its delegations are located, offer them the tools to live for a while with a tribe in America or for a relaxing trip by gondola.


Book an experience for you, your relatives or your group of friends around the world. From a salt desert with the sun light reflecting on thousands of km of white surface to the daily life of a Sri Lanka citizen, getting to know the Panama Canal or the Albayzin in Granada, the French Quarter in New Orleans, the Sagrada Familia basilica in Barcelona or the most hidden secrets of Toledo.