Specials Experiences

Image by Erik Brolin

We also offer experiences, always live, always interactive, about special matters, with specific contents or very specialized.


But not only that, we also offer the possibility to create experiences à la carte as well. You just have to let us know your wish or what you need and our team of experts will find the perfect host and design the experience that meets  your needs.


Do you want to live these experiences and meet our hosts? Choose your section and take a look at the proposals that our team of experts has prepared for you.


Scientific dissemination, very specific matters, just tell us your needs and we will design the experience as per your request: London with a Harry Potter connoisseur? An ornithologist in a birds centre? Just get in touch with us!


Let your colleagues enjoy a creative team building session, reward them with a motivational chat with a special coach in a symbolic place in the world, provide direct access to the backstage of a festival in South Africa or join an awarded chef at the market in the Basque Country. Let us know your idea or needs and we will design your own experience a la carte.


Book one of our special experiences for you, your relatives or your group of friends. From scientific spreading to an introduction to sign language, graphology, a baroque music professor or as simple as designing your own experience. Would you like an international choir to sing live ‘happy birthday’ to your spouse? Visiting a fashion exhibition from home? Just make a wish.