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We love cocoa.


Did you know that it went from being a disposable product to becoming a desired global phenomenon?

From the cradle of cocoa, a farm in Honduras, we will experience live the process that leads, through its evolution and improvement, to a success story. Once the cocoa pods were fermented, the pulp was used to make beer and other beverages, but the seeds were discarded... until they were tasted. The result was a very strong brew, but with persistence the product was improved and thanks to that, it is now known worldwide.


And to the origin of cocoa we go to Honduras, where we will be able to experience live the whole process from this fruit, the size of a small rugby ball, to the chocolate delicatessen that can be tasted in the best pastry shops.


We will explain live and showing the plants and their fruits, the conditions to cultivate the best cocoa. We will enter the La Esmeralda chocolate factory to see the necessary steps to make a high quality chocolate bar and learn how to make your own chocolate. We will see the planting, the flower, the green cocoa, the ripening process on a table, as well as the harvesting process, (can be photo or video), the drying process (live if possible) or a sample of the drying, depending on the season when booking the experience.


We will also witness the grinding process of how we do it in Honduras at home, how we pack it for export, how chocolate is prepared in Honduras, what utensils are used, who and at what time the chocolate is drunk or some anecdotes about it. After this experience, the cocoa will taste even better.


Contact us if you have questions at or using the chat window.


The origin of COCOA

  • 250€ (Price un USD)

    For the connection of 2 classrooms. For other needs, please contact us

    Taxes not included


    Language: Spanish

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