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21 August 1609, the night Galileo Galilei took a gamble: referring to his experience of observing celestial bodies, he described the imperfection of the Moon's surface, daring to question even existing theories about the Universe. Claiming that the Earth was not the centre of the Universe, he even risked excommunication. And do you know where all this happened? Right here, in the tower of St. Mark's Square in Venice.


But how, and with whose support, was Galileo-Galilei able to carry out his research in Venice? We will follow an itinerary that pays tribute to science and freedom of thought.Venice, the city of learning, science and knowledge, where the autonomy of knowledge is intertwined with political and economic autonomy. The traces of these often tragical events are rarefied, but together, we will decipher architectural and sculptural details in order to reconstruct the events and personalities behind this piece of history.


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Galileo-Galilei’s and the sky in Venice

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    Language: English, Italian

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