Fashion & Shopping Experiences


An advice by Coco Chanel: dress like you are going to meet your worst enemy today.


It’s about fashion but it is also about style. And shopping. Shopping is cheaper than therapy.


Stylish shopping and also traditional products, local designers, artisans and producers. Historic shops in Barcelona, trendy ones in Bilbao, tendencies from Milan, advice and suggestions. Or maybe a private fashion show?


Do you want to live these experiences and meet our hosts?
Choose your section and take a look at the proposals that our team of experts has prepared for you.


Leather, pottery or jewelry workshops with local artisans, an online and live workshop on damascening, or meeting a make-up artist and fashion designer.


Let your colleagues enjoy a tour in the historical city centre shops during the coffee break, reward them with a live workshop on business fashion, give direct access to an artisan’s community maybe partly related to your  company activity or book a private pass to a fashion show with the designer.


Book an experience for you, your relatives or your group of friends around fashion and shopping. A date with a personal shopper, a live visit through historical shops in several cities, suggestions for a perfect make-up or artisan workshops.