Art & Culture Experiences

Cerámica y artesanía

Romero Britto, Brazilian artist, once said: “Art is too important not to share”. We want to do that, share with you art, culture, thrilling traditions, the history from the Big Bang to the day before yesterday, languages, customs, local people and their testimonies, curiosities, stories, secrets, myths, handicraft, legends, architectural masterpieces, huge engineering works and urban art.


Do you want to live these experiences and meet our hosts? Choose your section and take a look at the proposals that our team of experts has prepared for you.


Live and interactive experiences showing masterpieces from all ages, an expert in bringing the essence of classical music to different audiences of all ages and levels, a historian on the spot to see where the Etruscans shopped, the Greeks strolled or the Romans trained, a native to interact with or a local guide with a deep knowledge on the destination.


Let your colleagues enjoy a session with a Colombian expert in tropical rhythms and instruments during the coffee break, reward them with a storyteller of a chosen destination, give access to the amazing world of astronomy or give them the tools to be introduced to drawing basics by a professional sketcher.


Book an experience for you, your relatives or your group of friends around art and culture. Choose among a great diversity of cities, countries, and destinations, from unbelievable masterpieces, to cities full of legends. Learn about topics, curiosities, people and traditions.